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About Deviant Member Love is just another battle field we all gotta make in but for me this war just begon and i am not sure i am readyMale/United States Recent Activity
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rath life had change over the years and now his best firend was dead her son hated his guts for no reason and had a pregnant fiance .

but the worst of all his boss was trying to pull him back into the front war zone where bombs and blood shed was happening he threw the papper at the floor stomping on it he hated war it was  his biggest enemy he wanted to settle down now and forget everything that had happen and jus be with his lover and child he didnt want to remmeber the heart breaks. the pain he suffered. the tears he cried he just wanted to burn all those memories and start freash and live happily and to never be bothered with war or old romance again and just raise his family.

rath was sitting on his back pourch smoking upset all those painful memories stabbed him . ven breaking his heart all that crap just kept comming and he just got anger he got himself abit drunk but away from his lover so he wouldnt see rath in a mental break down of deepression


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Love is just another battle field we all gotta make in but for me this war just begon and i am not sure i am ready
United States
Hello~ I am The Son of :iconthe-hired-blade: and :iconthe-punky-brat:

Name : Well My Nick name is Razor But My Real Name Is Rath

Age : Nineteen

Race : Human/ Demon Whisperer ((Speaks in German and american))

Sex : Male

Wepon : Twin Guns and Kunai/ Swords

Sexuailty : Eh i Rather not tell ~

Personailty : I am wise, serious sometimes, well manner, tough as nails and can be compassionate and protective of those i care about

Some Info : Razor has a split personailtly like his mother and father who is called Jaden
Jaden is kind and sweet he also can be very shy or outgoing when he feels some pride in himself.

Family :

Mother :iconthe-punky-brat: Oh mom i am glad i was born its a honor to be your son :heart:

:iconseibri--rataku: My Adoptive mother this is interesting nothing gonna harm you not while i am around no one gonna harm you not while i am around

Father :iconthe-hired-blade: Dad thanks for training me all these years i am glad to be your son!

Friends :

:icondeltaizune: thanks for helping me with my curse mark and sorry if i caused you any trouble in the past i have changed now and i am a better person than i was back when i was a moron.

Best Friends :

:iconalways-scared: i am sorry....i s..should have protected you better i am so sorry bullshit keeps happening to you Helt....i promise to protect you and your son i will make you both happy if i can i care about you both so much

:iconlove-not: i...i dont no wh..what to say really...........but i will protect you still *looks away*

:iconvens-big-daddy: sorry for causing all this its all my fault but thanks for being kind to me in the end.....please take care of ven for me okay?....

Crush :

:iconowls-need-love: m..make me smile when i am down you give me gifts without me even asking your a sweet kid i..i like you abit

:iconi-had-nothing: you and i have some things in common but you keep kissing me which makes me blush or flustered we were in the army together so we known eachother for a good amount of time

Love : :iconowls-need-love: you mean everything to me and i love you ich lich dich i am glad you said yes and can't vait to marry ju i love you kavin please dont break my heart...

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"u-um excuse m-me code name is bunny callme t-that....i-im helts s-see m-my momma became an demon...."
red-is-leadership Dec 21, 2012

"Merry Christmas uncle rath!"*and BAM punches him square in the nose*
what ze hell!" he growls
red-is-leadership Dec 22, 2012
"thanks for comming to moms funeral she left you this" *hands present*
"v..vhat? no one told me anything about a dam funeral!" he blinked looking at the present
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"Congrats" he said as he walked over to him not have seen him in a while
"oh danke how ju been?"
"Um.. good i guess?"
(( neeed help 2 things 1 how do you put up your own art work on your account 2:how do you put others art work on your account?))
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